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How To Promote A Room On Tinychat?

tinychat promoted chat groupTinychat allows users to create their own chat room for free. You can get a free chat room by clicking to "Instant Room" or "Personalized Room". When you create a free account on Tinychat; you'll get free chatroom with your username. That's personalized room. If you click to Instant Room; there'll be random link for your chat group and you don't need to sign up here.

Promoting A Chat Group
If you promote your chat gorup on Tinychat, you may get more users in your chat group; you may increase your group popularity and your group will be noticed by thousands of people. So there will be more online people in your group.

How To Promote?
tinychat promote chat group
You must login on Tinychat to Promote your group. When you enter Tinychat, you'll see Promoted Chat Groups above the another random groups. You must click to "Promoted" and Pick a Room here to be promoted.

Promoting a group costs 500 coins; you must buy coins from Tinychat. Below we listed prices of coins:
    tinychat coins
  • 500 coins $5 USD
  • 1000 coins $10 USD
  • 1500 coins $15 USD
  • 2500 coins  $20 USD
You must select and of them and continue in order to purchase coins on Tinychat. After you buy it, you may promote your group on Tinychat for 500 coins. 

Suggestions for Tinychat:
Don't forget that also, Tinychat is a global video chat site, any strangers may enter your chat group; they may capture you while broadcasting. Also don't be rude and we don't offer you to give any personal informations on Group and while chatting etc.

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