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2014 webcam chat


OmegleWorld Chat

International Webcam chat is a site like and it's available for each country.

For example omegle Australia, omegle Canada or USA etc. you can use omegleworld.

Select Any Country to Chat
You can just chat on any country just selecting it on Omegleworld. is not a part of Omegle; it's a different chat area; normally text chat works and you can randomly chat here.
Chat Options?
Omegleworld for each country includes Group chat, Video chat and just Text chat.
omegleworld chat
Group chat and video chat don't works here properly, it redirects you just to "Goodbye" page; so it's not just a site like Omegle.

Our Suggestion
We don't suggest it because there are not so many girls here and also video chat doesn't work; however there so many video & global chat rooms also; you can have a look to our blog and categories to see websites to visit also.